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The AOTS of  San Vito Lo Capo in Sicily brings together a group of companies that operate mainly in the tourism services sector. The AOTS, active since the 80's, is open to all operators who recognize as a priority area for sustainable economic development, aimed at the protection of resources and to meeting the expectations of all those guests who are in a new relational tourism type of approach to the environment and the people who live it. It 'a priority objective for the promotion of members of the incoming flow through the promotion of socio-natural land, the conservation and exploitation of resources, the raising of the standards of services as well as cooperation among members in order to take qualifying courses and application of good practice which make the offers San Vito attractive to watch foreign travelers, as well attracted by our great Mediterranean resources, recognize us as a territory of europee.Possono guarantees be associated, or associated with: the Hotel and San Vito Hotels Lo Capo , Residence San Vito Lo Capo , B & B San Vito Lo Capo , Tourist village and Camping San Vito Lo Capo , as well as Bars, restaurants , and other types of tourist companies. Even the Travel Agencies, Transfer and Rent Apartments and Vacation Rentals in San Vito Lo Capo , as well as the Commercial and Crafts Activities of San Vito Lo Capo are, or may be affiliated; even if the sector numerically more significant is that of small hotels and B & Bs.



Presidente | Miceli Melchiorre | Albergatore

Vice Presidente | Caterina Battagliua | Servizi turistici

Tesoriere | Benedetto la Rocca | Agenzia Immobiliare

Segretario | Rocco Pulizzi | Albergatore

Consigliere | Elisabetta Ruggirello | Albergatore

Consigliere | Benedetto Navetta | Albergatore

Consigliere |Serena Nenci | Ristoratrice

Consigliere | Francesco Graziano | Albergatore

Consigliere | Bruno Violante | Web designer


Melchiorre Miceli - [334 3829295]

Benedetto La Rocca

Rocco Pulizzi


Bruno Violante -



Of human presence in San Vito Lo Capo you have evidence dating back a thousand year a.c. thanks to some artefacts recovered in the numerous caverns formed in the cliffs that abound the coast . Other remains of underground burials dating from a later period also confirm the presence of a permanent nature settlements . The history of San Vito Lo Capo is linked in any way to San Vito Martire , a young nobleman born in Mazara in 286 d.c. idolatrous father and Christian mother died a few days after his birth .

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