OFFICE Tourist Office: Via Savoia, 57 tel. 0923.974300 
POLICE: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 2 tel. 0923.972160 
COAST GUARD: Via Orazio Di Bella, 1 - tel. 0923.974371 
POLICE: Conturrana- Square tel. 0923.972326 
FIRST AID [Emergency Medical Service]: Via Mulino - tel. 0923.972091


BANK ANTONVENETA: Via Savoia, 44 tel. 0923.972333 
BANCA INTESA: Via Savoia, 76 tel.0923.972300 
BANK OF SICILY: Via Savoia, 78 tel. 0923.972184


Dott.GUERCIO: Via R. Margherita, 22 tel. 0923.972205 San Vito Lo Capo 
Dott.SPINA: Via C. Colombo, 310 tel. 0923.975153 Castelluzzo 
Dott.SPINA: Via Nunzio Maniaci, 23 tel. 0923.972878 San Vito Lo Capo


SAN VITO LO CAPO: Via Savoia, 60 tel. 0923.972575 
CASTELLUZZO: Via Colombo, 4 tel. 0923.975008


IP: Via Savoia, 234 tel. 0923.974216 San Vito Lo Capo 
Q8: Via Savoia, 228 tel. 0923.972488 San Vito Lo Capo 
IP: Via Colombo, 18 tel.0923.975057 Castelluzzo h: 24 [Automatic] 
IP port: Molo groynes San Vito Lo Capo [only watercraft] tel. 3403945989


IP: Via C. Colombo tel. 0923.592296 Valderice [35 km] 
MOTOR GAS: C.da Petrazzi tel.0924.31195 Castellammare del Golfo [40 km]



Of human presence in San Vito Lo Capo you have evidence dating back a thousand year a.c. thanks to some artefacts recovered in the numerous caverns formed in the cliffs that abound the coast . Other remains of underground burials dating from a later period also confirm the presence of a permanent nature settlements . The history of San Vito Lo Capo is linked in any way to San Vito Martire , a young nobleman born in Mazara in 286 d.c. idolatrous father and Christian mother died a few days after his birth .

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