San Vito lo Capo in prose

A brief collection of amateur poems dedicated to San Vito lo Capo and Macari

San Vito Lo Capo

Antonino Peraino

San Vito you're my sull'arenile, 
 between sea, mountains and your green flower beds, 
go fair for the towers and the bell tower, 
St. Crescentia, the lighthouse and your sun.


 A dear son of good taste and style 
that always knows to give all he wants 
thee made ​​even more beautiful and elegant, 
with lots of true facts, not words. As the faithful seek an altar;as the bee who always tries a flower , people look for you, look for your sea. you owe thanks to our Creator who made ​​you so special: you our latest six Italian "beautiful flower".

On the morning of Macari

Antonino Peraino

Like a smiling and living woman, 
her hair golden eye murderess, 
leaps, runs, jumps on the bank 
between the green and the flowers: yes the morning rises.


 What a marvel! everything is Soliva: 
In the air there is something divine; 
Everywhere is heard the sound of a bagpipe, 
and the farmer goes with his head.


Full of love and life is the nature, 
the sea glistens without sprays and mousses, 
and leaves the Fisherman hard rock: 
Alas, alas! Often for my costume, 
the morning seems to me so obscure: 
when I'm far away from your glimmer!



Of human presence in San Vito Lo Capo you have evidence dating back a thousand year a.c. thanks to some artefacts recovered in the numerous caverns formed in the cliffs that abound the coast . Other remains of underground burials dating from a later period also confirm the presence of a permanent nature settlements . The history of San Vito Lo Capo is linked in any way to San Vito Martire , a young nobleman born in Mazara in 286 d.c. idolatrous father and Christian mother died a few days after his birth .

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