The Turn Films in San Vito lo Capo

Already in the 50s the cinema was in San Vito Lo Capo ideal locations for various productions such as: "South Wind" directed by Enzo Provenzale, in which we see the first steps in the world of film of a young Claudia Cardinale. Giuseppe Tornatore, one of the most acclaimed Italian directors, filmed the first scenes of "Everybody's Fine" in the beach of Macari where already six years before Sandro Bolchi ran a beautiful Lea Massari in "La Vigna di Black Grapes". internationally renowned directors did know and appreciate San Vito Lo Capo in the world for the sets of their works as Michael Cimino's "The Sicilian". Television has also found great inspiration for some TV-Film "transforming" the Tonnara of San Vito Lo Capo first in a military barracks in "Kefalonia" then den of traffickers in "The Boa Tour" episode of the hit series "Il Montalbano ".

Sea of ​​purple [2009]

Directed by: Donatella Maiorca 
Cast: Valeria Solarino, Isabella Ragonese, Ennio Fantastichini, Giselda Volodi, Marco Foschi, Alessio Vassallo, Aurora Quattrocchi, Lucrezia Lante della Rovere, Maria Grazia Cucinotta

In a small fictional island of nineteenth-century Sicily, during the landing of the Thousand, the twenty-five Angela tries to survive the scandal of his homosexuality, agreeing to pose as humans. Locked up in a cave by the father-master, after his refusal to marry the man chosen for her, she is saved by a stratagem by his mother, who convinces the curate to change name and gender of the Registry on the cards. Angela becomes Angelo: flat cap, cigar in mouth, a family blessed by the Lord ...

Giovanni Falcone [2006]

Director: Andrea and Antonio Frazzi 
Cast: MASSIMO DAPPORTO, Elena Sofia Ricci, Emilio Solfrizzi

E '1980. Giovanni Falcone is a few months examining magistrate in Palermo, when the boss Rocco Chinnici Director called him into his office: he says of wanting to entrust the investigation that sees accused the main builder of Palermo, Rosario Spatola, that it recycled the money in the trafficking of heroin clan Italian Americans Bontades-Inzerillo-Gambino. To investigate Spatula have already killed the head of the Mobile Boris Giuliano and Carabinieri captain Emanuele Basile. Meanwhile, in court, John reunited with an old friend, Francesca Morvillo, also separated by shallow, which soon becomes his companion.

New World - Golden Door [2006]

Director: Emanuele Crialese 
Cast: Vincenzo Amato, Francesco Casisa, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Start '900.Una Sicilian family (mother with son thirty-five, two little brothers and a sister) run from Agrigento to America.For them the disillusionment of a new world that is not as we had dreamed ... (Silver Lion at the 2006 Venice Film Festival).

Inspector Montalbano "Tour de Boa" [2005]

Director: Alberto Sironi 
Cast: Luca Zingaretti, Katharina Bohm, Cesare Bocci, Peppino Mazzotta, David Loverde


The episode tells the investigation perhaps more difficult which took part Montalbano. During the customary swim in the crystal waters of Marinella, the Commissioner accidentally stumbles into a corpse in an advanced state of decomposition.This gruesome discovery him away from the purpose to resign.With energy and will to fight, Montalbano is committed to a double investigation. By the discovery of a dead body from the wrists and ankles cut, the survey ends to take care of foreigners landing on the coasts, trade of immigrant children, local criminals and wear ...

Kefalonia [2005]

Directed by: Riccardo Milani 
Cast: Luca Zingaretti, Luisa Ranieri, Corrado Fortuna, Jasmine Trinca


On 8 September 1943, the General Badoglio announced on the radio the news of the armistice with the Anglo-American military forces. The Italian army is in disarray. The Acqui Division, stationed in the Greek islands of Kefalonia and Corfu, with 525 officers and 11,000 soldiers is faced with a terrible crossroads or surrender their weapons and surrender to the army Nazi or fight to the last, knowing from the start of can not count on any outside help. After a moment of doubt, General Gandin had received no directives from the government of Rome, he asks his men to choose in a referendum. Officers and soldiers ask overwhelmingly not to give up ...

My name is tanino [2002]

Directed by Paolo Virzi 
Cast: Corrado Fortuna, Rachel McAdams, Frank Cruel


Tanino is a naive boy and a little 'phobic, born in Castelluzzo del Golfo, a small town near Trapani that he is pretty tight. So before fleeing to Rome all'univerità of Disciplines of the Show and then in Boston, looking for a girl, Sally, she arrabattandosi with his English by eighth grade ...

Prime Dawn Lights [2000]

Directed by: Lucio Gaudino 
Cast: Gianmarco Tognazzi, Francesco Giuffrida, Laura Morante


Two Sicilian brothers closer together after years, following the death of the parents, dead traders following a Mafia bomb ...

Everybody's Fine [1990]

Director: Giuseppe Tornatore 
Cast: Marcello Mastroianni, Michelle Morgan


Man of binding principles, a widower and retired, Matteo Scuro was always very attached to his wife Angela and his five children, now long gone, in the Continent. He decides to take a trip, leaving his Castelvetrano, to go to visit them since they did not come to Sicily for a collective holiday. But the journey, moved by the love, turns into a collection of disappointments. He went first to Naples, where they tell him that his son Alvaro is traveling. Then to Rome by Canio, who imagines next deputy, while it is only a modest ...

Siciliano [1987]

Director: Michael Cimino 
Cast: Christopher Lambert, John Turturro, Barbara Sukowa


Discovered along with Aspanu Pisciotta (Turturro) to transport grain stolen in a coffin, Salvatore Giuliano (Lambert) shoots, kills a policeman and flees. It is the beginning of a legend: in Sicily forties, Julian becomes the symbol of the uprising.Around him move a provocative American Countess (Sukowa), a communist girlfriend (Woods) and a mob boss (Ackland).Giuliano would free Sicily and annex it to the United States. The boss wants to instead use it in its anti-communist propaganda and causes artfully the massacre of Portella of Ginestre.

The Vineyard Grapes Black [1984]

Director: Sandro Bolchi 
Cast: Lea Massari, Mario Adorf


This TV film, in three episodes, is set in Sicily in the years 1920-30. Based on the novel of Livia De Stefani "the vine of black grapes," is the chronicle of a family reigned by a father-master. The impotence issues, prostitution, fatherhood, incest bind as fatally.

Wind South [1959]

Director: Enzo Provenzale
Cast: Rossella Falk, Franco Volpi, Claudia Cardinale, Renato Salvatori


The story takes place in Eastern Sicily, in the Salinas area.Antonio, a young worker, was given the mission to carry out a revenge killing Macri Marquis. In front of 'occult power of the principals, Antonio does not have the courage to refuse' post and went in the island of residence of the Marquis together with two daughters Deodata and Grace. The young worker, however, does not feel to fulfill the fatal mandate and flees along with Grace, the youngest of the daughters of the Marquis, who wants to escape the sad life of the salt ..



Of human presence in San Vito Lo Capo you have evidence dating back a thousand year a.c. thanks to some artefacts recovered in the numerous caverns formed in the cliffs that abound the coast . Other remains of underground burials dating from a later period also confirm the presence of a permanent nature settlements . The history of San Vito Lo Capo is linked in any way to San Vito Martire , a young nobleman born in Mazara in 286 d.c. idolatrous father and Christian mother died a few days after his birth .

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